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Nanotechnology commercialization will reach its full potential as environmental, health and safety (EH&S) issues are identified and resolved.  nanoTox, Inc. is the first company to provide complete nanotechnology safety and risk assessment products and services to facilitate the safe development and use of nanomaterials in consumer, commercial and industrial applications.  nanoTox scientists have decades of experience working with nano scale materials in numerous industries and applications and can offer strategies for managing, reducing or eliminating nanotechnology risks to meet regulatory requirements and your customer’s expectations for nano-product safety.

All of our services are completely confidential to protect client’s intellectual property and trade secrets and are done in accordance with international data quality standards and state of the art scientific methods.  Our laboratory meets GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) quality standards as established by the FDA and EPA and will ensure the results are also acceptable to other regulatory agencies, attorneys and insurers.  We are a global company and are familiar with the regulatory requirements of the major U.S. , EU, Canadian and Japanese regulatory bodies involved with nanotechnology.  Exporters are especially interested in our services.

Already used in more 1,000 consumer products and an unknown number of commercial and industrial applications, nanotechnology is being used in cosmetics, personal care products, oil and gas, sporting goods, textiles, chemicals, food and food packaging, composites, coatings, energy, environmental remediation, pharmaceuticals and other industries.  Increasing at 60% annual rate, the growing number of nanotechnology enabled products is getting the attention of regulators, litigators and legislators.  nanoTox can help you protect your company from unwanted fines, sanctions or litigation.

nanoTox will help you ensure that your products are safe, that you can prove that safety to third parties, that your nano-workplaces (including R&D labs) meeting regulatory standards for employee protection, and that any disposal of nanomaterials meets EPA or EU environmental protection standards.

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