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As nanotechnology becomes more prevalent, especially when used in consumer products, various government agencies across the globe are becoming involved in either promoting nanotechnology R&D or finding ways to apply regulations to ensure it is used safely.  For the most part, environmental protection agencies in the US, Canada, EU, Japan and several other countries are the most active regulators of nanotechnology.  Below are links to and brief comments on the government agencies most active in nanotechnology.

In all cases, nanoTox is familiar with the current regulatory requirements of the major regulatory agencies and can help clients with compliance requirements to facilitate nanotechnology commercialization.

Other countries are also reviewing and applying regulations to nanotechnology and nanomaterials. If you have need to obtain details of these regulations in countries not list here, please contact us and we can provide guidance.

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Fact Sheet for Nanotechnology under the Toxic Substances Control Act | Prevention, Pesticides and Toxics (OPPTS) | US EPA