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Textile manufacturers and clothing makers already use nano scale materials in their products. “Odor Free” socks and sportswear contains nano scale silver as do some protective face masks. Water proof clothing, stain proof cloth seats, light weight outdoor wear that alternately keeps you warm when it is cold out and cool when it is hot out are some of the other consumer products already on the market.

Companies using nano scale materials in textiles have to overcome consumer fears of unsafe products that contain materials that are 100’s of time smaller than human cells. Knowing, and proving, that your nano-enabled products are safe will be an important competitive advantage and important selling point. The EU is beginning to require safety testing on any consumer product that contains nano materials.

nanoTox can design and perform relevant tests of textile products to determine what, if any, exposures to skin or other means of entry into a body would be potentially harmful. The risk assessment portfolio we provide with test results and interpretations will do much to allay any unrealistic or false claims about the safety of your product. If you want to sell nano-enabled products in the EU, their practice of using the Precautionary Principle will likely require that safety tests be conducted before you will be allowed bring your products to market.

nanoTox can facilitate the commercialization process by helping companies with regulatory compliance requirements such as EPA Pre-Manufacturing Notices and Significant New Use Notices and OSHA requirements for safe workplaces and EU consumer safety directives.

nanoTox has or has access to the state-of-the-art particle characterization technology and can provide you economical nanoparticle characterizations. We have worked with several firms to help them find optimal particle size, characteristics and concentrations for their product. Our work is completely confidential and done under GLP quality standards.

Our long experience with various nanoparticles can be valuable to your R&D efforts by identifying those materials that are least likely to create a health issue in products. Additionally, our nano lab safety assessment can improve the safety for valuable employees working with nano scale materials in R&D labs.

Safety and risk assessments are done under GLP quality conditions and can be submitted to regulators to satisfy filing requirements. The reports also support product liability insurance coverage.

Our full capabilities in toxicology testing (also GLP) can provide data needed to assess the safety of your products, satisfying regulators and insurers and blunting litigators.

We can provide workplace safety reviews to help ensure your nanomaterials processing is not endangering employees and that you satisfy workplace safety regulations.

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