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nanoTox extensive experience with nano particles can help reduce R&D expenses by providing guidance on what particle actions and interactions are likely to present the fewest safety issues. Our scientists have seen many nano particles in many different applications used in a wide array of industries. We can help companies design in safety in the nano applications under development.

For companies developing nano particle applications in food, food packaging, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, nanoTox has the ability and experience to design and run test protocols that will be accepted by the various regulatory agencies (FDA, EFSA) and expedite approval of your products. All tests comply with GLP quality standards as required by regulators.

For small and mid-size companies our particle characterization capabilities can provide valuable information for clients who do not have the resources or the need to buy expensive nano particle characterization instruments.

Risk assessment and toxicology testing may reveal some unwanted environmental health and safety issues, and nanoTox scientists can help your R&D staff eliminate, reduce or manage the undesirable toxicity. If involved in early-stage R&D, nanoTox can help reduce R&D costs by avoiding toxicity issues and the cost and effort spent eliminating them later on.

Safety in the R&D lab is an important employee relations and regulatory compliance issue. Existing workplace safety regulations apply for nano R&D labs. NanoTox industrial hygiene program can help ensure that R&D labs comply with these regulations, including OSHA regulations for the workplace and EPA regulations for lab waste disposal.

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