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Regulatory Monitoring and Compliance


Regulators across the globe are developing a wide array of environmental, workplace safety, consumer protection, food and drug, toxic material transportation, and a myriad of other regulations that may impact your product's commercialization. nanoTox monitors these developments and provides you the knowledge you need to make safe and economically efficient product development choices, and helps you comply with new nano-specific regulations.


Regulations already in place to protect the environment, foods, medicines, employee safety already apply for nanotechnology. nanoTox can help with various and diverse regulatory requirements in the U.S., EU, Canada, Japan and other major markets. We can provide support for compliance with environmental, pharmaceutical, medical device, food and food packaging, workplace safety, toxic chemical and many other regulations that impact your commercialization efforts.

nanoTox scientists have many years of experience with these rules and can provide guidance to ensure your products meet regulatory requirements and facilitate your commercialization efforts. This is especially valuable if you plan to ship globally and need to comply with export market regulations. All of our work is done under GLP quality conditions and will be accepted by regulatory agencies.

We can assist you in compliance with:
Toxic Substance Control Act     
Pre-Manufacturing Notices    
Significant New Use Notices    
Significant New Use Rules    
Clean Air Act            
Clean Water Act            
Resources Conservation and Recovery Act
Food Contact Notifications
Food Ingredient Petitions
Pharmaceutical testing
Cosmetics Safety Assessments

Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL)

REACH Registrations

EU Cosmetics Directive
Particle Characterizations for labeling
Safety Assessments

And most other regulatory requirements related to nanomaterials.

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